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 Solutions that come to you 

      Home Sleep Study


We offer an easily performed overnight diagnostic test for sleep apnea that can be carried out in your own home. You avoid the need for costly and inconvenient hospital stays. Patients sleep in their own bed under normal sleep conditions which generally tends to allow a very accurate result. A referral is required from your GP who will be sent a copy of the sleep report to discuss your results with you after diagnosis of the results by a well-respected Sleep Specialist Physician. The diagnostic test is bulk billed through Medicare for qualifying patients who satisfy the pre-assessment criteria by the Specialist. A small booking fee may apply.

   Diagonsis & Induction            to CPAP therapy 


After a patient is diagnosed with sleep apnea we offer our patients the opportunity to begin their induction therapy quickly and easily with the minimum of expense by hiring a CPAP machine for the induction phase of approximately a month during which time we will trial various masks, do downloads to ensure that the therapy is effective and our patient is comfortable with using CPAP.


At the end of the month induction phase, our patients are able to purchase a brand new CPAP machine from us together with the mask of their choice.

Purchasing a CPAP Device


Pelican Waters Pharmacy stocks a range of masks, CPAP and APAP devices from the leading CPAP suppliers. We offer competitive prices on mask and machines.Easy weekly payment plans are available should patients want the option of paying off the machine and mask over a longer period. Typically the easy payment plan works out less expensive weekly than actually hiring a machine.


Patients are advised that some medical funds will pay or contribute towards the cost of a CPAP machine, so check with your individual health fund in this regard.



"Thank you so much for your care and kindness and great CPAP knowledge, and wonderful customer service! Your thoughtfulness was much appreciated and your wonderful customer service. Also your empathy towards the people suffering with sleep apneoa. It means a lot that you have such a wonderful understanding of the ailment."                 Blessings Patricia M  


“Thank you so very much indeed for your unfailing, kindness, encouragement and support.                                          Kindest regards" Chris & Nicky L

                      HEALTHY SLEEP SOLUTIONS - Brisbane North - Moreton Bay - Sunshine Coast                                  TEL: 1300 447 875    FAX: 07 5439 7825
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