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Cold Seal Webster-pak® – Easy, Secure, Disposable


Pelican Waters Pharmacy uses Cold Seal Webster-paks. All the patient details, drug and dosage information required is on the comprehensively labelled pack. It makes knowing what to take when very easy.

We only pack the medication that is required and as instructed by your doctor. This ensures no medication is wasted.

Once the medication in the pack is completed, the Cold Seal Webster-pak may be discarded.

The Cold Seal Webster-pak solution is:

  • Convenient and portable

  • Securely sealed

  • Disposable

  • Perfect for discharge, respite patients

  • Perfect for patients returning from a hospital stay

  • Allows patients to self-medicate without confusion

  • Ideal for your long-term regular medications

  • No need to keep template frames to return to the pharmacy.

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